SportsCard ROCKS!

Sports Card makes it fun to make your own fully customized baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball, bowling, golf, soccer, tennis or volleyball cards for you and your team!

Features & Gallery

Customize player name, team name and position, then take or select a photo to personalize one of three cool card designs. Once your card is created, you can even sign it to REALLY make it authentic!

Once your design is complete, your card can be posted to your Facebook wall, emailed to your friends, or saved to your device for printing or showing off. You can even export your whole collection as a PDF to save and print or place an order for professional quality printed cards!



Sports Options 9 9
Color Options 14 3
Card Designs 3 1
Sign Cards with Finger
Post Card to Facebook
Order Printed Cards
Email Cards  
Email PDF Collection  
Cost $2 Free!

Testimonials & Video


Everything looks better in Sports Card

Cool app. Started out making cards of friends and family. Everyone loved it. Then moved to pets. Now most pictures I send to people are in the form of sports cards. Why not, you can add a title and sign it.

So easy to use!

I purchased this app for my iPad for my cousin's baseball team. Creating cards is so easy and the kids love how they look. I can't wait to see what improvements are to come. Hopefully we can eventually purchase the cards we create for the entire team!


What a fun app! I was able to upload a picture of my son in his basketball uniform, add his name, number, and team and instantly share it on Facebook with friends and family. With 3 kids in sports, I will be getting plenty of use out of this app. Well done!

Friends and Family will love it

I have been using this app to create cards for my kids. They are so proud to see themselves looking like their sports heroes. My friends and family love to see the latest versions when I share them on Facebook. Very easy to use, my oldest (5) has been able to make his own cards himself, and has so much fun doing it.

IPX Ares

This is a dream come true, I've always been thinking of getting on sports card one day and this amazing app helped me to distort my reality a little bit :) Thanks!